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Drysdale Pre-School Celebrated Fifty Years of Quality Early Childhood Education.

2014 marked the 50th year since Drysdale Pre-School first opened its doors to offer children an environment to explore, investigate, experiment and participate in shaping their own learning.

To celebrate this milestone, we are invited  educators, families past & present to join in our festivities. There was fun for everyone with a variety of activities, a photo display covering the pasy fifty years, face painting, balloons, sausage sizzle and afternoon tea.

The first teacher and an assistant attended and had the opportunity to met up with several of the very first children to attend the kindergarten; Other educators who followed them over the past fifty years met together to help celebrate this momentous occassion and observe the many changes that have taken place since the kindergarten’s inception.

We welcome everyone  to come and have a look at  our wonderful early childhood environment and the quality educational program we offer at Drysdale Pre-school, 1/25 Eversley Street – next door to the Police Station

Preschooler nutrition and fitness: in a nutshell

By Raising Children Network

Your child’s best role model for developing good health, physical skills and self-esteem is you. It’s important that you eat a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise.

Tips for health and fitness

  • A healthy breakfast provides the energy your preschooler needs for the day.
  • Serve meals that include all your child’s nutritional needs in one dish.
  • Offer water with all meals and snacks.
  • Your child will be hungrier when having a growth spurt so be guided by his appetite.
  • Physical exercise has many benefits: strong bones and muscles; healthy heart, lungs and arteries; improved coordination, balance and flexibility; reduced risk of becoming overweight; prevention of heart disease, cancer and diabetes in later life.
  • Encourage outdoor play by joining in the fun at the local park, beach or national park.
  • Limit screen time to no more than an hour a day.

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Sourced from the Raising Children Network’s comprehensive and quality-assured Australian parenting website

Enrolments 2017

We are currently taking enrolments for 2017Roundicons-39

We have 3 & 4 year old kindergarten groups. At present we have vacancies in both our 3 & 4 year old groups for 2017. You are most welcome to come and have a look at our wonderful kindergarten.

Enrolment forms for our kindergarten can be obtained from:

  • The Pre-School 1/25 Eversley Street, Drysdale Ph: 5253 166
  • Print a copy found in the Info section under Documents.
  • Download here
  • Geelong Kindergarten Association Ph: 52730202

If you would like to register an enrolment for next year or future years please complete an Enrolment Registration Forms and send it to Geelong Kindergarten Association, 1/2 Waratah Street Geelong West 3218 as soon as possible.

Sharing Bag

Thank-you for the time you have put into helping the children with the Sharing Bag the children are learning so much about each other and many different experiences they have enjoyed. The children all look forward in anticipation to the time when we draw the name from the box for the next person to take the bag home.

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Family Photo

The children are asked to bring a family photo so we can hang it on the ‘Family Belonging Tree’. We will be putting a frame around the photo before we hang it on the tree, if you would prefer we will copy it and the original can go back home. Preferably regular photo size.

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  • We need someone to cover some library books with contact are you able to help?
  • Empty Eclipse or similar tins
  • Kitchen sink with tap for sand pit play

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Please make sure you put a change of clothes in your child’s bag as we have a limited supply of pants, socks and underwear we could put on your child should the need arise.

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Hand Washing

To ensure the health and safety of all the children at the kindergarten it is important ALL children (kindergarten, school and toddlers) coming into the room wash their hands before they touch anything.


Lost Property

Please make sure all clothing that can be removed is named so we can easily return it to you. If we find items and we know who they belong to we put them into the art box behind the child’s named divider.


Collection of Artwork

Please collect the children’s artwork regularly as they look forward to you seeing what they have done. Their work is filed in the box behind their name ready for you to collect and take home (Please leave the divider when you collect art work).